7 must read tips to make sure you'll be absolutely ready and stylish for your job interview!

By Uwork | June 3, 2020
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How should one dress for a job interview in Israel? You're a foreign language speaker? 

Do you speak German / English / Spanish / Arabic / Russian / Japanese / Chinese / French? Here are 7 must read tips to make sure you'll be absolutely ready and stylish for your job interview!

One of the most debilitating things once you're get THE job-interview invitation is – what should you wear? How can you dress to impress? And how can you avoid you looking like a groom on his wedding day or like you just woke up 5 minutes ago?

We got your back!

1. Dress appropriately to the job.

First impression is crucial, especially when it comes to job interviews. Usually, the first impression, will be influenced by your outfit (as shallow as that may sound). Therefore, it's very important to keep your clothes ironed and clean – avoid looking sloppy cause it could most definitely affect your chances to get the job. Some outfits can send a clear message of seriousness, while others may be more suitable to the beach – therefore, avoid shorts and or flip flops (yes, even if your job interview is scheduled during the hot Israeli summer). Try to avoid ripped jeans or skirts that don't reach your knees as well.

2. It's Israel, it's hot, can I wear a tank top?

Absolutely not. Although we totally get it, and we're hot as well, most, if not all, offices in Israel will have the AC on all year long, especially during summer time, so there's no need to underdress and show up with a tank top, sandals, shorts or shirts with  generous cleavages. Dress the part.

3. Should I copy my wedding day look?

Do not, under any circumstances, look like you're getting married with the interviewer today. We know the dress code in different countries varies. For Olim hadashim or foreign language speakers like French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese or Russian speakers it may be suitable to show up as elegant as possible to the job interview, but  you don't need to show up with a three-piece-suit or with an over-expensive tie and vest. It will look like you're out of touch and overdressed for the company and or the part, you might also be conceived as arrogant which can really lower your chances in moving forward in the process towards your dream job. It's great to want to impress the interviewer – just don't try too hard. Elegancy can be achieved with a nice pair of pants or a knees-reaching skirt and an ironed buttoned down shirt.

4. Make sure your outfit fits the desired role.

Different companies maintain different work environments, standards and with that being said – styles. While some companies wouldn't mind you showing up to work with a pair of ripped jeans or a see-through blouse, some companies may see that as unprofessional or inappropriate. As you aren't familiar with the company's stand on style and looks, it's better to dress with accordance to the job and not the company, how would you expect a sales person / customer service rep / marketing jobs like media buyer, affiliate manager, SEO, PPC, bookkeeper or a CEO to look like? If you're aiming to get hired as a head of marketing, for example, elegant pants and shoes or a maxi-dress would do the trick, while mot High-Tech companies and startups, or even regular sales companies in Israel will totally appreciate a simple Tee and regular fitted jeans.

5. Accessories – are they our friends or enemies?

We all use them. Watches, neckless, rings, earnings and other gourmets. They can help us look cheerful, stylish and even fashionable. However, keep this rule in mind – less is more. If you will show up to your job interview wearing more than just a couple of rings at best, or too many neckless, it may not impress your interviewer at all. It's perfectly acceptable to show up with a nice watch, a pretty belt or a stylish pair of sunglasses, especially in the warm Israeli summer days – just please – don't forget to take them off once you've entered the building – you don't want the HR team to think you're distant or snobbish. 

6. Is first impression based solely on clothes?

Your outfit isn't just your style and clothing. It's more than that. It's the way you carry yourself, your body language and also – your general hygiene and scent. It is expected from the candidate and, well, from anybody really, to come to work smelling nice and not looking sloppy. 5 o'clock shade is usually acceptable once you're hired, but for the job interview it's better to show up either completely shaved or with a fixed beard. Regarding scent – perfume and deodorant are a must – especially in Israel – especially in the summer and spring. Starting off the interview while looking and smelling good will make you feel good and the interviewer more willing to get to know you. Make up is also recommended – but, as we already agreed upon, less is more. No need to overuse the mascara or eyeliner, save it for the weekend.

7. Does anybody really look at your shoes?

The answer is yes. They do, especially when it's the first time people see you. Be rest assured that the interviewer will exhibit you from head to toe, not to stress you out or anything, it's pure curiosity. Don't underestimate the shoes. If you'll show up wearing elegant trousers and a tie, but with beach sandals, it may ruin your look and make you look odd. Crocs may be common in Israel, but not for job interviews – try and avoid anything that isn't a regular sport / elegant shoe – depending on your desired position.

Summing it up, your appearance matters, especially when it comes to your first contact with the company that you want to work with, but also after your get hired. Looking good, smelling nice, and keep your personal hygiene is always important, and it contributes to the professionalism we sure you're blessed with.

Are you a foreign language speaker? Do you speak German / English / Spanish / Arabic / Russian / Japanese / Chinese / French?  For more tips and useful articles, check out our blog section!