How to prepare yourself towards a video interview?

By UWORK | March 25, 2020

In the days of the Coronavirus outbreak, video interviews have become more and more common.

However, this kind of interview could possibly become a challenge for some of the job seekers looking for their next workplace.

Either you're camera shy or simply feel discomfort with the entire online situation, due to their appearance or lack of human contact.

Fear not – we've made this article especially for you!

Here are some great tips on how to prepare for a video interview and to increase your chances to move forward in the recruitment process:

1. Choose a proper place to film yourself during the interview

It's highly recommended to choose a quiet, intimate place where you will not be disturbed during the interview.

Avoid the presence of other people or pets or any other background noises as much as possible.

It's better to film yourself with a clean wall behind you so there will be no distractions from the recruiter's side.

2. Come prepared

In our digital day and age, you can learn everything about the company, its competitors, the team that you're supposed to join if you'll get hired, its products and much more with just a quick google search.

Additionally, visit the company's website.

There are high chances you'll be asked about the company and the more you know about it – the better.

3. Yes, there is a dress code

Ignore the fact that you're probably at home while taking the video interview, you're still being interviewed by your potential future employer.

The significant of appearance, needless to say, is major.

To your video interview, you should dress as if you were to attend a frontal regular interview.

We do recommended to avoid prints on clothing or anything that could 'steal your show', just to make sure it will look good on camera.

4. Pay attention to your body language

Make sure that you're sitting in front of the camera, looking energetic and motivated.

It's always good to smile every once in a while and project confidence.

Also, make eye contact with the recruiter while you're talking – so look at the camera and not at the screen.

Let your voice be heard loud and clear, no need to shout but don't mumble or talk too fast, that's the best receipt.

5. Practice as much as you can

Right now, your job is to successfully go through this video interview.

In order to do that, you have to properly practice.

You can do a simulation with a family member or a friend, write down a script with your premediated answers to possible questions.

The main key here is confidence – just like a student before an exam – the more you'll practice – the better the outcome will be.