LinkedIN – Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

By Uwork | June 23, 2020
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In nowadays, social networks are part of our everyday lives and routine. For entertainment purposes, getting updated on the current news and also – with finding a job.

As Olim Chadashim and foreign language speakers, some of you may know LinkedIN, while some of you don't.

We're here to help you out to understand better what LinkedIN is and how exactly it can help you out with finding your next job in Israel.

Keep in mind that many headhunters and recruiters are actively searching for candidates on LinkedIN, so even if you're not actively looking for a job, it's for the best to have an updated LinkedIN profile because you never know when will your next dream job come knocking on the door.

1. Profile Picture

let's start with the basics – your picture. Similar to other social network profiles, here too it's recommended to upload a current, flattering picture of yourself. Unlike other social network profiles (such as Facebook and Instagram), it's less recommended to upload a picture from the night club or the beach.

A lot of people believe that because LinkedIN is a business-social network, they have to look very formal, what may look odd and 'overdressed', especially in Israel where it's acceptable to show up to work in jeans and a t-shirt in a lot of companies.

It's better to leave your weeding pictures out of your LinkedIN profile – keep the picture simple, sharp and business oriented – match it to your position (if you're a CEO, a suit and tie would be recommended, but if you're in the IT world, your regular outfit will also be acceptable).

2. Stick to the truth

A lot of people feel free to 'upgrade' themselves and their professional experience and accomplishments, please, avoid that.

If your LinkedIN will include information about you that isn't correct, and you'll be contacted by a headhunter or a recruiter that will surely ask you about what you wrote, you'll have to tell the truth.

Honesty has a key role in networking.

While being too modest is a bad thing, not telling the honest truth about your career is just as worse.

The perfect workplace for you will accept you just as you are – with your relevant experience and skills.

3. Update your profile on a regular basis

It's crucial to keep your LinkedIN profile updated and current. Did you gain new skills lately? Have you take a professional course? Got promoted? Great, update your LinkedIN profile right away. The headhunters that will be exposed to your profile will read through it like it's a regular CV, so it's important to write everything that's relevant.

4. Look out for your friends

Like in any other social network; LinkedIN will also rate you with accordance to the number of friends / followers you have, and the number of connections you're connected to you. That doesn't mean you should send a friend request to any random person, but you surely don't want to miss out on an opportunity to make some new connections with relevant people from your industry, a potential employer or even keep up with old colleagues from your previous workplaces. It's better to be connected to as many people as possible – so if you know someone, even if not too personal, it's better to add them to your connections circle.

5. Adjust your content 

Unlike other social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, your personal life are less relevant in the world of LinkedIN, and your professional life and career should take the stage. Focus on the relevant issues – don't complain on your relationship or the Israeli bureaucracy. If you're looking for a job in Israel – post that! If you're a foreign language speaker, for example, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Chinese or any other foreign language speaker – post that as well. Who knows where your next job opportunity in Israel will come from?  

6. Don't hesitate to ask for recommendations

 LinkedIN provides you with a great option – to write and receive recommendations.

Feel free to write a recommendation to your colleagues (current or past), even if they're not in Israel. They will write to you back (and if not – ask them to) and it will surely affect the way recruiters and headhunters will view your profile (remember, usually they will ask you for recommenders anyway). Such recommendations from your co-workers will showcase your abilities to work in a team and your social skills, and your potential employer will be interested in reading them. 

7. Summary

Summarization is super important. Make sure that your summary is informative and provides the readers with all of the relevant details about you and your career – your role, skills, experience and more. 

The summary is limited to only 40 characters so choose your words wisely. 

Use words that will most likely popup when a headhunter will search for a candidate with a similar experience like yourself (for example: sales / marketing/ CEO and so on).

Are you Olim Chadashim?  Are you a foreign language speaker? Do you speak German / English / Spanish / Arabic / Russian / Japanese / Chinese / French?  For more tips and useful articles, check out our blog section!