The 8 best ways to find a job for Olim Chadashim and foreign language speakers in Israel.

By Uwork | February 3, 2020

In Israel there is a variety of foreign language speakers and Olim Chadasim (New Comers), and at the same time there is an increasing number of international companies that are looking for various language speakers to hire in Israel.

For your own comfort, you will find below the 8 best and most sufficient ways of finding a job for foreign language speakers and Olim Chadashim in Israel in the quickest way possible.

1. uwork – the biggest and most up-to-date wanted website in Israel, gathers all of the most relevant job vacancies for foreign language speakers and Olim Chadashim in Israel into one website.

2. JobShop –a placement and recruitment company that specializes in recruiting foreign language speakers and Olim Chadashim with a variety of job vacancies and positions for leading companies in Israel.

3. A variety of non-profit associations aiding to foreign language speakers and Olim Chadashim in finding a job in Israel.    

 English Speakers – Gva'aim, Nefesh B'Nefesh

French Speakers – CNEF, Qualita

German Speakers – Association of Israelis of Central European Origin

Spanish Speakers – OLEI – Association of Latin Americans in Israel

Arabic Speakers – Riyan Center, Kav Mashve (Academy graduates only)

Romanian Speakers – Association of Israelis of Romanian Origin

Dutch Speakers – IOH 

4- Maaof – placement and recruitment for Olim Chadasim and returning citizens.

5- The Jewish Agency – the leading agency in aiding to Olim Chadashim in Israel

6- The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration 

7- Networking – high percentage of all the recruitments in international companies nowadays are done by the friend-brings-a-friend way, use your personal connections, spread the word that you're currently looking for a job amongst the members of your community in your own language (friends, acquaintances, former colleagues).

Facebook groups that are aiming for foreign language speakers in Israel: 8- 

Jobs for multilinguals in Israel  משרות לדוברי שפות זרות  בישראל

Keep Olim in Israel Movement  התנועה להשארתם של עולים בישראל

Jobs Tel Aviv International

Facebook group for Japanese speakers -  日本人在以色列 Japanese in Israel

Facebook group for Chinese speakers -中国人在以色列 - Chinese Speakers In Israel

Facebook group for Arabic speakers –     

דרושים דוברי ערבית مطلوب متكلموا اللغة العربية

דרושים דוברי רוסית בישראל Русские ораторы в Израиле

דרושים דוברי ספרדית בישראל Hablantes de español en Israel

Deutschsprachige in Israel דרושים דוברי גרמנית בישראל

דרושים דוברי פורטוגזית בישראל Faltam falantes de portugues em Israel

דרושים דוברי פולנית בישראל Polscy mówcy są potrzebni w Izraelu

Gli oratori italiani sono richiesti in Israele דרושים דוברי איטלקית בישראל

Vorbitorii români sunt obligați în Israel דרושים דוברי רומנית בישראל

דרושים דוברי טורקית Türkçe konuşanlar gerekiyor

We’re sure that these tips were helpful with finding your next new great job in Israel.

Good luck!