Your perfect guide to how to find a job during the Coronavirus outbreak.

By UWORK | March 17, 2020
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As you know, the Coronavirus is officially declared a pandemic, and this means a lot to the job market and to the job seekers themselves.

However, let us say this – now is not the time to give up on your quest to finding a job, on the contrary!

This stressful situation will eventually end, and we're here to shed some light on what is the best way to navigate through the job market during these times.

1. Phone and or Skype interviews.

We can't express how much phone and Skype interviews are important to your job-search process, even on regular, non-crisis times.

This is your first time ever to encounter a representative of your desired company, and if you will fail to impress him or her, you wouldn't get an invite to a frontal interview.

As more and more companies are switching their interviews from the off-line to the on-line world, you'll have to take these kind of interviews even more seriously than before.

Make sure to turn off any distractions such as TV, music, radios and stay away from any loud noises such as your washing machines, and yes, even your kids/pets if you have any.

Stay focus and make sure you're answering each and every question that the recruiter is asking you, this could be your one and only shot!

2. Don't lose hope.
Your attitude is radiating through your voice and or face (in case we're talking about a Skype interview), and if you'll sound hopeless that probably wouldn't impress the recruiter.
It's a mistake to assume companies aren't recruiting at these times.
In our day and age, more and more companies have the technology to work from home, and in many companies it's business as usual.
Dress up for your Skype interview, sound cheerful and positive and highlight your strengths.

3. You're probably in quarantine or self-isolated.
Great news! You can use all of this spare time to learn new skills and expend your skillset.
Take a professional course online (there are plenty out there, for various professions).
By doing so, you'll be able to contribute more to your next workplace, and gain new skills that you'd probably wouldn't have the time to gain in regular times.
Some people are even taking the time to learn a new language, which is always a good idea and can help you a lot with finding new job offers that you wouldn't even dream of.

4. Go through your CV and update it.
Now is the perfect time to do just that.
All of that irrelevant information about that time you worked as a waiter 16 years ago, that last workplace you didn't get the chance to add to your CV, and more.
Recruiters often face situations where candidates don't have their CV ready on time, or it's just not updated.
Sharpen your CV so it'll look right for your dream job, or even better, make multiple versions of it if you're applying to different jobs.
We recommend using our CV Wizard feature to help you make the best CV you can use while applying to positions.

5.  Apply, apply and apply!
Don't get tired from applying to positions, and just because you apply to one or two doesn't mean you have to sit and wait for the recruiter to call you.
Scan our platform for similar job offers and sharpen your LinkedIN account so it'll match your professional experience.
Applying to more job offers will probably increase the chance you'll get a phone call from one or more companies.
Be patient and keep doing just that.

We hope this information was helpful and that it reassured you that this too shall pass, and your dream job is just one click away!