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Infinity Labs

Pave Your Way to the Heart of High-Tech
Infinity Labs R&D, a subsidiary of Matrix, is a research and development company that has been running a revolutionary training program since 2014. This program enables graduates in science, computer programming, engineering, and other fields to successfully join the high-tech industry with a significant advantage in this competitive market. Each year, from thousands of candidates, we select hundreds of outstanding graduates with no experience. Infinity Labs R&D is the proven and novel method for training high-tech employees.

To play in the big leagues you need to meet high standards; the major high-tech companies are searching for professionals with a holistic view, deep understanding of processes and precise management abilities. The program at Infinity Labs R&D is designed to meet these requirements and will equip you, the graduates, with tools that will serve you throughout your career. These abilities will set you apart from other developers on the job market. The training includes developing important skills, such as self-teaching, thinking outside the box, finding quick and effective solutions, familiarizing yourself with different technologies, and more.