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Porat Group

Porat Group is one of the top consulting and leading law firms in Israel. Our innovative group has gained extensive experience in various fields of Law and Consulting. Our international specialties include banking, finance and commercial knowledge, creative thinking and a broad network of connections with law firms across the globe, which enables us to provide comprehensive legal and business solutions, created by our group in order to cater our clients' needs. We are committed to helping clients achieve their business strategies and providing extraordinary legal and consulting services around the globe. Our clients trust us with finding innovative and creative solutions to their complex commercial and legal issues. Our consulting model is holistic, innovative and focused on "out of the box" thinking. We have maintained our success by operating across challenging industries with a multi-functional worldwide team, customized solutions and an offering of an high value proposition in order to enable global organizations grow with gaining a competitive advantage in today's business world. We partner with our clients to drive execution to the limit, the kind that turns an idea into an industry, helping them transform and grow their organizations, through research, development, prototyping and more. We assist to connect the dots and refresh our client's business in order to achieve long-term success. Porat Group's advantage is derived from legal experience and continuance research of the cutting edge technological, legal, and transactional issues that challenge our clients in their daily routine. This combination of experience, knowledge and professionalism allows us to provide customized and innovative services to clients worldwide.