Privacy Policy

UWORK company (heretofore: "the company"), that operates and manages the UWORK website (heretofore: "the website") is obligated to operates with accordance to the instructions of the law and in a likely reasonable and acceptable manner to secure and defend the privacy of the users of the website (heretofore: "the users"), with alliance to the law.

In this document, the policy of securing privacy of the company is described, and settle the way and manner of securing and using the information of its users that has been collected by her, as well as the possibilities that are available for users to protect and secure their privacy.

The following privacy policy applies also on user on the website and or a registered individual that registered for the offered services on the website through the website and or through a different website, either through a website that is linked to the company or not.


1. As a fundamental condition to the usage of some of the website services (including forwarding CV to employers, using the smart agent tool, registering to the CV database), the user will be requested to forward the company personal details such as name, email address, and CV file that includes additional personal details. In addition to that, it is possible that during the use of the website and or the offered services on the website, the user will provide the company with other details in regards to him (all of the provided details by the user to the company that are linked with the website and or the services provided through the website will be referred to as: 'Personal Details'). 

2. It is hereby clarified that there is no legal obligation to the user to provide his personal details, and providing such personal details rely on his sole consent and wish of the user. Altogether, it is clear to the user that providing such personal details is a condition to subscribing to the website and or using the services included on the website.

3. In addition to that, while using the website some data will be collected in regards to the way of usage of the website by the user; services he was interested in, pages he viewed and more so. The data will be primarily used for statistical purposes, and in case they will be forwarded to a third party, the user will remain anonymous. 

Use of Private Information

5. The user's details that were described here, whether the personal details or the data that was collected about the manner and way he used the website, will be saved on the company's database and the company is committed to make use of this information only with accordance to the law and for the website purposes such as:

Allow users use the website efficiently and conveniently.

To improve, rich and amend the website's services with accordance to the user's demand.

To analyze and forward statistical information to third parties, including advertisers, if such information will be forwarded to third parties will not allow the user to be personally identified.

Maximize the user exposure to available employment possibilities.

To any other cause that is described in this policy and or the website regulations and terms of use.

Commercials and direct mailing

6. By using the website and or surfing on the website and or consuming any sort of the services offered on the website, provides the user the company with allowance and consent that his personal details that he provided to the company will be used to deliver commercials from the company's side for products or services from the type of services the user will consume from the company.

7. The user is allowed to notify the company at any time, during the registration to the website or afterwards that he declines accepting any commercials such as the one listed here, and that with an email notification to the email address [email protected] or in any other way that the company will allow the user.

8. In order to maximize exposure of the users to employment possibilities that are available and in order to increase their chances of finding a job, the company is entitled to send the users via email / SMS regarding job openings, services that the website has to offer, commercial information and so on, either from her part or from any third party that is interested addressing via messages to the website users, that is  based upon the statistics and characterizations, including third parties such as employers, commercial companies that are interested in sending messages and proposals and such to the website users.

9. With accordance to the instructions of the law of privacy, 1981 (heretofore: "The Law"), the user is entitled to retreat from his consent and demand at any time the removal of his personal information from the company's database via an request forwarded to the email address [email protected]The company commits to actively remove the users personal data from its database within 15 business days and notify the user regarding that within 30 days since the day the email has been sent. It is to be clarified that such removal will be done only in regards to the usage of personal details for direct mailing list services and the mailin list, and the company is allowed to keep the users personal details provided by him with accordance to the law. In any case, the following is not to obligate the company to erase data that has been collected regarding the usage of the user on the website, which is, as written for statistical purposes and in any way will not reveal the user personally.

Third-Party Ties

 10. The company commits to not forward any third party, information that may reveal the personal identity of the user, unless it matches the instructions of this privacy policy and the law, and in cases such as:

In case the user will allow the company to forward this details to a third party.

In case the user will violate the website regulations and terms of use and or any of the offered services and or he will perform any illegal activity or will try to do so on the website or through it.

In case the company will receive a legal warrant from the court of law that demands she will forward the users personal details and or any  information regarding the user to a third party.

In case any conflict, dispute, lawsuit, demand of legal procedures will occur between the user and the company.

In case the company will believe that providing the information to a third party is necessary to prevent a serious damage to the body and or his property and or to the body and or property of a third party. 

In regards to the CV – forward the user's CV to the employers as the company see fit, With accordance to the website regulations and terms of use.

Other Websites

11. The website contains links to other websites. When the user will click one of these links, the user will be directed to an outsource website that may collect information regarding the user by his wish or through cookies or other technologies. The company is not responsible and doesn't control these other websites or in the collection of the personal information that is done on them, using it or in discovering it. Therefore, it is recommended to the user to verify the privacy policy in these websites in order to understand how they collect information and how they use it.

Securing Information

12. The company applies in her websites systems and updated protocols in regards to securing information. While these protocols and systems narrow down the chances of unauthorized penetration or entry, they do not promise full security. Therefore, the company does not commit that her services will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored in them.

13. The company will not be responsible to any direct and or indirect harm that will be caused to a user in case of revelation information due to unauthorized penetration of third parties or as an outcome of acts and or scenarios that are not under the company's control.   

The right to view the information and update it

14. According to the law, every individual is entitled to review the information that is being kept regarding him on the database. An individual that has reviewed the information about him, and found it to be incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated, is entitled to address the company with a request to correct or delete it. Such query should be forwarded to the email address of [email protected]

Changes of the privacy policy

15. The company is entitled to change, from now and then, the instructions of the privacy policy. In case essential changes will be made in regards to the instructions that are addressing usage of personal information that was provided by the user, an announcement will be published on the website.

16. Only the rules and laws of the state of Israel apply on this policy. The sole jurisdiction for any matter related to this agreement and the use of the website will be the authorized courts in the city of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa.